Bhagyalakshmi Ka Result

By Playing This Game You Can Get Prizes Above 2 crore Rupees Per Day, Bhagyalakshmi Ka Result Is Very Popular Lottery Bhagyalakshmi, if You Love To Play,

Bhaglaxmi ka Result Today Chat Pattern, Visit Our Website And View Result, BhagyaLaxmi sells 6 Types Of Ticket Price Starts At Rs.100 Rupee To Rs.500 Up To – You Can Buy This Lottery Ticket Online Through Mobile , Bhagyalakshmi Ka Result

Bhagyalakshmi Ka Result- 5-06-2024


Bhagyalakshmi Ka ResultChat Paten

Check Today Results On Our Website, Lotteries Results of Various other States, No1. Bhagyalakshmi Ka Result, No2. Daer Lottery, No.3 Labhalaxmi

16-03-20241:20 P.MXA17XB26XC18XD51XE95XF87XG04XH12XI02XJ77
16-03-20241:40 P.MXA62XB04XC92XD42XE74XF16XG21XH11XI42XJ11
16-03-20242:00 P.MXA57XB14XC04XD17XE86XF51XG32XH99XI39XJ36
16-03-20242:20 P.MXA99XB03XC86XD00XE65XF57XG29XH19XI20XJ24
16-03-20242:40 P.MXA98XB42XC69XD86XE78XF29XG49XH88XI49XJ74
16-03-20243:00 P.MXA14XB88XC54XD25XE85XF39XG96XH51XI79XJ48
16-03-20243:20 P.MXA72XB42XC56XD46XE18XF47XG37XH97XI85XJ63
16-03-20243:40 P.MXA25XB56XC48XD52XE07XF04XG21XH39XI02XJ47
16-03-20244:00 P.MXA69XB25XC13XD92XE88XF61XG75XH83XI93XJ47
16-03-20244:20 P.MXA34XB68XC28XD10XE92XF42XG99XH98XI96XJ74
16-03-20244:40 P.MXA91XB79XC38XD51XE27XF71XG82XH88XI69XJ47
16-03-20245:00 P.MXA18XB14XC65XD42XE64XF97XG48XH05XI27XJ88
16-03-20245:20 P.MXA11XB28XC32XD69XE20XF52XG75XH88XI44XJ42
16-03-20245:40 P.MXA37XB98XC71XD59XE24XF20XG61XH72XI71XJ31
16-03-20246:00 P.MXA50XB34XC93XD73XE40XF47XG29XH13XI55XJ31
16-03-20246:20 P.MXA76XB96XC47XD62XE10XF26XG13XH58XI06XJ36

Lottery Draw Table Prize List

Below We Have Listed The Price To Check If You Need It

And There Are More Going On That We Haven’t Mentioned

GOLD -750(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)First prize Rs:7500000/-(765674
GOLD -750(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Second prize Rs:1500000/-
GOLD -750(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Third prize Rs:36000/-
GOLD -750(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Fourth prize Rs:18000/-
PLATINUM -1000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)First prize Rs:10000000/-(765674)
PLATINUM -1000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Second prize Rs:3000000/-
PLATINUM -1000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Third prize Rs:72000/-
PLATINUM -1000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Fourth prize Rs:36000/-
DIAMOND2000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)First prize Rs:20000000/-(765674)
DIAMOND2000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Second prize Rs:6000000/-
DIAMOND2000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Third prize Rs:146000/-
DIAMOND2000(DRAW1478:29/02/2024)Fourth prize Rs:72000/-

Bhagyalakshmi Ka Results Draw Table Information

Lottery NameBHAGYALAK SHMI lotteries
Big Prize Money2 Crore
Ticket PriceRs.100-500/-
Result Date22-03-2024
Result StatusAvailable
Official Websitebhagyalakshmilottery

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